Tao Cha

I chose to review Tao Cha because of its new status as one of my favorite places in the area. I’ve been coming to this tea and coffee shop for several months now and it has been reliably good, service is always great, and the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. It’s an Asian style tea shop offering boba tea, Vietnamese coffee, and Thai milk tea, as well as more standard tea, coffee, frappes, and smoothies. It is a welcome addition to Yukon’s burgeoning shopping district at I-40 and Garth Brooks.

I live west of the metronome and previously I had to drive over forty-five minutes to get to my favorite boba spots in Oklahoma City’s Asian District. This new shop cuts my drive time by more than half and is as good, if not better, than any other spot in town. The tea and coffee are good, but the frappes are something to behold, made with ice cream, flavors of your choice, and blended into a creamy drink closer to a milk shake than a typical Starbucks fare. My favorite is the hazelnut coffee frappe. And don’t forget to pick up some of their desserts brought in fresh from La Baguette or a bottled Ramune soda, and if you haven’t had one of these before I suggest asking for help as they can be a little tricky. A nice diversion without driving all the way into town, but if the City is where you are starting from it’s still not too far away, so come support this new and locally owned endeavor. I’ve linked to their Facebook page below so you can check them out for yourselves.