Swadley’s BBQ

Some old-fashioned barbecue that is as good now as it ever was. Swadley’s has gone from a single storefront location to having four locations around Oklahoma City and its environs, and has managed to retain their great barbecue at all of them. Today’s visit took me to their newest location in Mustang, west of Oklahoma City, and I continue to be impressed by the quality of their food. The location is easy to spot as it sits right on highway 152 in the main business area of Mustang and is the only big, red barn on that strip. Strictly enforcing an always fresh, never frozen policy with their meats, they start early in the morning smoking new batches of each of their meats every day so you always know that the food will be fresh, hot, and tender.

When you enter follow the signs to the ordering window and make what will probably be your toughest decision of the day, what meat are you going to eat. Then take a seat and they will take care of the rest with repeatedly great table side service, providing drinks, choice of barbecue sauces, their own pickle and onion toppings, and free ice cream at the end. At most barbecue joints I skip the bread and go straight for the meat platters, because for me barbecues is two things, meat and sauce, everything else is extra. That’s not to say avoid the plates, they are a great option, but don’t neglect the sandwiches here either. Some original concepts are nestled in with the regular choose a meat sandwiches, such as the Firehouse, a combination of chopped brisket, a hit link, pickles, and spicy baked beans all on the sandwich itself; or the Smokehouse Club with in-house smoked turkey, brisket, bacon, and topped with cheddar, lettuce, and tomatoes; or the Ultimate Barbecue Sandwich piled high with more meat and cheese than I can recommend with a good conscience. Luckily, I’m not worried about my conscience so try the sandwich, it is enormously good.

While we are on the topic of a bad conscience, I wouldn’t stop at the free ice cream, either, and urge you to consider the fresh made daily cobbler as well, you’ll just have to ask what they have that day, but I have yet to have a bad one. I mentioned that the second part of what makes barbecue, for me, is a good sauce. Swadley’s excels with four great sauces, sweet, spicy, thick and juicy, and the mysterious Grumpy sauce that seems to have a touch of molasses added. Swadley’s is great barbecue made easier with four reliable locations, which means I always have somewhere to fulfill my carnivorous urges, no matter what part of town I find myself. Find them scattered around town, with spots in Bethany, Mustang, South OKC, and the Quail Springs area.

Photo courtesy of Swadleys.com Online Photo Gallery