Thai Stop

So my second Thai food review in an apparently ongoing series is for the North side favorite Thai Stop. Situated on North May, just West of Quail Springs Mall, in a shopping center alongside several other trendy spots, such as Cool Greens, Cafe 7 Delicatessen and Pastaria, and Gigi’s Cupcakes. It’s a good place to sit down for lunch or dinner, or to pick up to go. They don’t have the biggest menu, but what they do have is good; a mix of five or six stir-fry items, classic Pad Thai, and a rotational curry of the day, along with a few side items, makes decisions easy, and you can rest assured that you won’t make a bad one.

My favorite here is the red curry. A simple coconut milk-based red curry sauce with chicken, bell peppers, onions, and a heaping side of fluffy white rice. Best of all, all of their dishes come with a deep-fried sweet bun; built-in dessert. You won’t find much innovation in their menu, but sometimes it’s nice to know what is going to be on your plate when it gets to you. One interesting surprise, however, is their egg rolls. Not the typical spring rolls to be found at most Thai establishments, these are big, hearty egg rolls filled with spiced chicken, julienned carrots, onions, and thinly shredded cabbage. Don’t confuse these delights with your typical Chinese buffet fare.

The place is midsized with about fifteen tables inside and with all of the businesses to be found nearby they can fill up quickly at lunch, so I suggest going early or being ready to wait in line both for food and a table. Most of their lunch meals are in the seven to eight dollar range, and expect to pay three or four dollars more at dinner. I had no camera available at the time, so again I am unfortunately lacking photos to tell of these spicy feats, but I have remedied that problem for the next few places you will see. This place has been good enough to keep me coming back repeatedly in the last few years and, if you give it a try, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

On only my second visit to this place I made the brave decision to go accompanied only by my, at the time, eleven month old son. He did remarkably well with his introduction to such foreign fare, performing at his cutest to earn himself a free plate of one dozen sweet buns. He has not stopped this act either, and is often able to pull off similar feats of discount gastronomy at many of the places we visit now. It is one of my passions that my son be willing and able to eat like me. There are so many small children who survive only on hot dogs, chicken strips, and boxed mac’n’cheese™. Not to chastise, ostracize, or to say that this upbringing is a crime by any means, but I find that many people brought up this way build a box around themselves and continue those eating habits later in life, supplemented only by fast food and frozen meals. I feel sad for these people, because many of them have developed an inability to experience food the way I do, or even a willingness to try. So, I will give my son all the experiences I can find for him and let him decide for himself. Perhaps one day he will grow to love only the bland things in life. But so far he has bested all challenges I have put before him, eating bleu cheese as his first semi-solid food, drinking straight black coffee, devouring entire plates of steamed vegetables any time he is able, and just the other day, consuming half of a jicama root as if it were apple slices; and these are all things he likes, because believe me that if he doesn’t like something he lets us know. His budding palette makes me proud to see he is already more adventurous and experienced than many of the adults I know.