Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

Just a quick one here as I am talking about a single bottle of soda. Growing up I hated root beer. I just didn’t understand it at all. It tasted and smelled funny, and left an aftertaste that was less than pleasant. Getting a little older and more well versed in the mysteries of the world, I learned that the reason for that is because the name brand versions of root beer are actually pretty bad. Micro-brews are where it’s at. Many independent companies still make small batch root beer, sarsaparilla, and cream sodas, and it has been my experience that they are far better. Another interesting turn of events was when I found that many small beer breweries also make their own nonalcoholic root beers, such Abita and Goose Island. I discovered these rare wonders at a specialty soda shop, but now that I am aware of them I can occasionally find them elsewhere. They even have the Goose Island root beer at local Walgreens stores, while I don’t think their beer is available in Oklahoma. Today I have one such brew, Henry Weinhard’s Draught Style Head Root Beer, from the same brewers of Henry Weinhard’s Beer in Fort Worth, Texas. A long name to accompany a flavor that sticks around for a long time. This particular concoction has a larger distribution than many gourmet root beers, which means you may be able to find it at places other than specialty shops. I have seen it at Arcadia’s Pops, well-known for its variety of, well, pops, but this time I found it at a Rudy’s gas station in Norman, so if it sounds like something you might like then you can probably find it locally without too much trouble. Weinhard’s does indeed have a thick, draught style head, much like an actual dark beer, that foams up and stays in the glass, perfect for root beer mustaches, you won’t find many sodas on the market that can do that little trick of carbonation. As for flavor it ranks somewhere in the middle of many that I have tried. I have had better, but those better drinks are also more difficult get my hands on, so it is definitely good enough to sate my palette in a hurry. If the only root beer you’ve ever had is one of those name brands that you see in every soda fountain, then you will most certainly be surprised by this. The flavor that everyone knows as root beer is really from the sassafras bark or root, and it is definitely there, but this drink also combines the flavors of sweet honey, acacia, and vanilla. The mouth feel is smooth and creamy, and the overall taste is not too overwhelming, making it easy and enjoyable to drink. It is currently made with high fructose corn syrup, and while it doesn’t detract from the overall flavor, I have had cane sugar based sodas that tasted much better and I think they could benefit from using it. I recommend this one as a good introduction to small batch root beers, for its smooth flavor, and amazing draught head, and I know that with a large amount of foam like that it must make for some amazing root beer floats. So, if you happen across this one in a refridgerator case somewhere then be sure to pick up a few.

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

Henry Weinhard's Draught Style Head Root Beer