Arts Festival

Remember, the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts is this week. Today through Sunday. Every kind of art you could possibly imagine (maybe less), including Culinary Art, so stop by the food tents and try some of the best this city has to offer. You might be surprised.


Hugh’s Kitchen

Have you ever had the best fried rice in the state? If you haven’t been to Hugh’s Kitchen in El Reno then you have to say no. The menu can be somewhat limited and I don’t recommend every dish, by any means, but the few things I do suggest are some of the best around. The menu has some Asian influenced dishes alongside a few country favorites that makes for interesting choices when you sit down for your meal. As I have already mentioned, this place takes plain, old fried rice and makes it into something amazing by frying it up with lots of carrots, peas, onions, and most important of all teriyaki sauce. The teriyaki changes the texture of the dish making it stickier and sweeter, and covering up the taste of the fry oil. The rice can be ordered with chicken or shrimp, both of which are good options, and is more than enough to be a meal on its own.

As a side dish, I also enjoy their egg rolls, which again are unlike any other; spring roll wrappers filled with pork, vermicelli glass noodles, and bean sprouts. Trust me, you haven’t had these egg rolls either. They make a decent teriyaki dish, available with choice of meats, steamed or plain fried rice (sans teriyaki sauce and veggies), and a very simple, but somewhat old-fashioned, teriyaki sauce on the side. They offer a daily quiche special that varies in quality and has been known to return mixed reviews. The chicken fried steak is pretty good for a small town, but isn’t winning any awards outside of the city limits, and the chicken strips are real homemade and hand battered breast strips that would be great if not for their lack of seasoning. Perhaps not the best restaurant in the world, or even in El Reno, and I wouldn’t want it every day, but I would drive day and night to get that delicious fried rice. The mediocre menu is made up for by the few shining stars, and in the end I recommend it although I suggest you stick to the stars and skirt the mundane. Closed on Saturdays, and lunch only on Sundays, they are located just south of the grain elevators on the East side of town, across from another El Reno original–Tooter’s drive through.

Unfortunately, the lighting was not conducive to a photo shoot at the beginning of the meal and I ate far too fast to take one later. Like I said, that rice is good.

Hugh’s Kitchen