Oklahoma City Festival Of The Arts

Sorry this one is coming to you so late, but I had trouble getting to the down to the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts this year. There is still another day to go down and try out all of the great things in the culinary arts pavilion, if you haven’t had a chance yet.

An annual event since 1967, the Arts Festival, put on by the Arts Council of Oklahoma City, has been brining together artists from all across Oklahoma, and the country, in a celebration of art in all its forms, from visual to performance and everything in between.

This is possibly the best reason to go downtown.

I go for the food. Every year, the festival includes a culinary arts program in which local restaurants and vendors are paired with local arts organizations. So everything you eat supports local art, as well as local food. A win-win.

This year’s event had quite a few delights on offer (meaning I ate way too much).

There is more food here than one person should try to take on by themselves, so my wife and son helped out on this outing, as they do with so many of my other gastronomic adventures.

But even that is not enough. So, to all the vendors that I missed, I’m sorry. I will try again next year.

An early stand out for me was the booth from Cafe Do Brazil, OKC’s most famous (and possibly only) Brazilian restaurant. Not only was the food delicious, the staff were the most helpful and friendly of the day.

Knowing what was in store, I limited myself to just the Brazilian Pie.

Cafe Do Brazil

Cafe Do Brazil

 Seen here, at bottom right, the pie is similar to a quiche, but made with mozzarella, thick cut ham, and cooked spinach.

I was unable to make a second stop, though I really wanted to try the chicken stroganoff (bottom left).

Also available were the feijoada rolinho pork egg rolls and the pastil de camaras shrimp empanadas (top right and left).

Other festival goers near the booth all suggested the feijoda rolinho, but I hadn’t seen anyone with the pie at the time I was ordering, so while I do believe that the egg rolls were indeed good, I had to go with my gut and appease my gut.

Another booth I am always sure to hit is the one from the folks at Deep Fork.

The reason I keep coming back is because of their chicken brochette skewers. In the actual restaurant, the skewers are one of my favorites, but at the fair they are prepared a little differently.

When dining at the Deep Fork, the brochettes are delicate bites of bacon wrapped around chicken and artichoke. At the fair they are deep-fried chunks of chicken and bacon on stick.

Both are amazing and I am in no way looking to detract from either, and I just want to point out that even if you think you know a restaurants food, you can always be surprised by a change in atmosphere.

We also picked up a batch of drunken fries topped with cheeseburger sauce. Using the recipe from their sister restaurant The Drunken Fry, they deep fry these fries in duck fat, making them extra rich and savory.

Deep Fork's Chicken Brochettes, Wedgie Sandwich, and Prime Rib Sliders.

Deep Fork's Chicken Brochettes, Wedgie Sandwich, and Prime Rib Sliders.

 Again, I managed to miss out on a few options, including their prime rib sliders and the wedgie sandwich, with pecan crusted chicken and slaw on a pita.





Helmut’s Streudel seems to make an appearance at every major festival and event in the OKC area, and my wife never passes up a chance to throw a little patronage their way.

Going for the many different flavors of strudel, we also took the chance to try their beef wellington roll.

Traditionally, beef wellington is a thick cut of beef, coated with foie gras, and wrapped in puff pastry.

Helmut's Streudel

Helmut's strudel

Helmut’s is a little easier to take with you.

A roll of flaky puff pastry filled with finely ground steak, pate and seasonings, their roll is a little different, but definitely worth a try.

Not typically something I would seek out, Helmut’s strudel is some of the best around, and I am willing to make an exception for them.

Also, my wife would be ever so upset if I tried to keep her from that flaky mix of pastry and fruit filling.

 And if you can’t decide, they will work with you. You can get two halves for the price of one whole. That’s not a joke, two halves priced separately would cost you a dollar more.

Craig & Carter's Fish Tacos

Craig & Carter's Fish Tacos

A trip to the arts festival just wouldn’t be right without some of  Craig and Carter’s Fish Tacos.

You can always find them here, serving up their battered fish filets.

Fried to a golden brown and wrap in a fresh flour tortilla with slaw and a spicy remoulade, they are not to be missed.

Buy a drink, these are hot.

Be sure to check out everything, including Gopuram’s Indian Platters; the gyros from PaPa’s Greek; some roasted corn from Sweet Corn Express; or some Bodacious(ly large) Burritos.

And for you vegetarians out there, go by newcomer Australian Jaffles. The jaffle is a type of pressed sandwich, and they offer a variety of flavors, all vegetarian this year.

I could go on all day about the delicious food here. But then I couldn’t talk about dessert.

I love ice cream, and I can definitely be a snob about it. What I am not a fan of, is soft-serve. But this time I am making an exception.

Bon Apetit Catering is making bananas foster à la mode this year. With rum flavored soft-serve ice cream.

I don’t know who thought of it, but that person deserves an award. Easily the best soft-serve ice cream I have ever had, and definitely the only that I would recommend to others.

Another returning favorite is the strawberries Newport stand.

Flaky layers of pastry topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. You can’t go wrong.

S&S Concessions

S&S Concessions

Round it all out your favorite kettle corn, cotton candy, candy apples, and even frozen yogurt, but there is one more stop to make before you leave.

S&S Concessions makes sundaes. Big sundaes. Like the chocolate banana royale, the caramel knowledge, both with bananas, ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, cherries, and appropriate syrups (I like to mix the two, yeah, they’ll do that); and the cinn(amon) and corruption sundae, a cinnamon roll topped with ice cream, cinnamon, whipped cream, and chocolate.

There is all this and more to taste at the Festival of the Arts; not to mention live music, children’s activities, plenty of paintings, glass, and sculptures for sale, and sightseeing.

The fair takes place next to and on the grounds of the Myriad Botanical Gardens, featuring the crystal bridge, reflection pool, and new children’s water and activity park. The gardens stand in the shadow of the nearly complete Devon Energy Building, Oklahoma’s tallest building, in the heart of downtown OKC, so you can’t miss it.