Whiskey Chicks

Getting back to it, I have to apologize for being gone so long. The site was put on hiatus while I decided its future. A lot of people asked about it, so we’re back, and I have a lot to tell you about.

One major impetus for returning to writing was that I made a promise to the owner Whiskey Chicks that I would write about him and his restaurant. Before heading to this Bricktown hot spot I knew very little about the place or what they would have to offer. Taking over what Roosters Fried Chicken left behind for them, they have completely redone everything from the style, to the food, to the bar itself, and they have done well with it.

Some friends invited me out one evening to celebrate the birthday of an old friend from work. I asked where we were going and everyone insisted on Whiskey Chicks. I turned up my nose at first, based only on the previous owners. I am, sadly, not a fried chicken man. But when I arrived and met up with everyone at the bar, I was pleasantly surprised.

Where I had anticipated fried chicken and cheap beer, I was surprised to find an amazing drink list that was overseen by two of the best bartenders in town. Doling out classics and new concoctions alike, they won my heart right away.

One of my favorite mixed drinks is the Sidecar, and while it is an amazingly simple drink to mix, a lot of people get it wrong. If you can’t mix the basics, why bother with the fancy stuff. These guys did it right the first time, didn’t try to make me one of those terrible Chelsea variants (with gin), and immediately understood my incredulity when handing me the drink.

I looked sideways at my glass the first time, as I am so often let down, and the bartender caught it immediately. “The classic drink guys always think I’m going to do it wrong. Go ahead and try it,” he said. And it turns out he knew exactly what he was doing.

That bartender turned out to be Kevin McCracken, the owner/operator of Whiskey Chicks, pulling double duty and doing it well.

He took us on a tour of his well rounded drink list, and while I still love my classic, their Feckin Honey Old Fashioned, mixed traditionally and then muddled with Irish honey, was a definite winner.

Their beer list isn’t half bad either, with lots of local beers on tap, including my current favorite Coop DNR. Their bottle selection was also surprisingly well rounded that evening with several unusual offerings, including Lindemaan’s Framboise.

Already impressed with the place as “just a bar” we almost left to eat elsewhere before Kevin pulled us back in with his delicious food menu. He had overheard me mentioning a few other places that focused on locally based ingredients, such as Local or Ludivine, and he pointed out that he too had a focus on local.

Sourcing as many ingredients as possible, he and his staff make multiple runs each week to local farmers markets for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as using only Oklahoma raised beef.

What seemed like typical “bar food” turned out to be carefully planned and prepared recipes with a definite originality and flair. I started with the chicken nachos, which come out as six individual nachos covered with cheddar, chicken, home-made pico-guacamole, and grilled jalapeños on over sized tortilla chips made in house.

Already tasting great, they didn’t stop there. I also had their take on the common Asian salad, which comes with seasoned grilled asparagus for an added crunch. The Whiskey Chick Burger and the Chick’n Club are also worth a try if you are in the mood for something a little heartier.

The bar itself was something of note, as it is the old bar and bar top from the Prohibition Room which sadly closed last year. Any of you wishing for fond remembrances of your Gold Domed hang out should come find it here.

I can’t say enough about the staff here either. They managed to be pleasant and easy to get along with, while still getting their jobs done. That is unheard of in some restaurants in this town. They took good care of us all night, with quick and accurate service, and no (visible) irritation at my barrage of questions.

We went on a Friday night and so were treated to a local blues-rock act that fit the atmosphere of the place perfectly.

If you are looking for a good hang out spot in OKC, or just want to bar hop in Bricktown, this is definitely the place to be, and be sure to tell them I gave them a thumbs up.

Unless you want greasy fried chicken and cheap domestic beer. Then go somewhere else.